Saturday, June 21, 2014

Superstition Gallery

  1. Friday the 13th : Many people will purposely avoid doing anything significant (like meetings, urgent works important works., etc) due to d belief that d day is cursed & it’s a source of ill fortune.
  2. People do not want to admit to hospital on Tuesdays they think this is bad day for any treatment or surgery .
  3. When a Black cat or a cat crosses the road it is considered bad luck :
  4. Most people have heard d saying that if a black cat crosses your path its bad luck.
  5. Fingers crossed for good luck 
  6. Hear the song of the owl has always been considered a negative
  7.  Sneezing while starting a work or while leaving to go out is a sign of bad luck
  8.  Some person do not want they should asked by some body " where are you going " . when they are proceeding to any important work because they assume that by this there important work definitely spoils
  9. Unlucky number 13 : The fear of Number 13 is very real to many people
  10. Breaking a mirror is considered unlucky 
  11. So many believe that there work spoils when any widow lady come in front of them when they are proceeding for any important work and same time any unmarried girl comes in front of them then there work should be done in very nice way
  12. So many believe that if they give any money to anyone on thursday or Fridays then goddess of wealth, Laxmi become angry on them ,so they never give any money on these days .

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