Saturday, September 1, 2018

Is there an alternative to Adytude

Is there any similar website like which allows to Watch advertisement s and earn coupons and gift cards.  This is one of the question which I have been getting at different forums.
If there is any similar kind of website. Not exactly. But websites like gives incentive for completing surveys and questions. But the payout is very slow. To accumulate Rs. 200 voucher it will take a lot of time. Sometimes between 3 months to 6 months
So go for toluna if you have a lot of spare time and you want your opinion to be counted

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stanley's Space Voyage

 I have read it somewhere "There is a little bit of children in all of us" thats why we still love to play games, have some mischiefs in life. Whenever we are at the beach  we see that not only the kids but also the grown ups are also making sand castles, playing all sort of games. 
So when I received the new packs from Colgate the child in me made all sort of childhood fantasy games which we used to play with those fictional characters, some inspired from cartoons, some inspired from the comics book we read. This time the colgate packs have the characters like astronauts, space, aliens, space hovercrafts and the planets. Being a movie buff the recent movies like The Martian, Arrival (2016) Apollo 13, the packs was a great way to create my own space fiction. The characters were all inspired from various films.

My First story had two characters Stanley the Hero and Alien.

Stanley From the film  The Mask

Aliens (Abbott and Costello) from the film Arrival

The characters are basically  comical like Stanley which has been played b the great Jim Carrey in the film Mask and the aliens are from the recent oscar nominated film Arrival. The two aliens in the film has been named as Abbott and Costello the great stand up comedian.

Our hero of the story Stanley goes on a space adventure with his favourite spacecraft apollo 113 along with his hovercraft to a distant Saturn planet. Till date this is the biggest space mission by man. the early report indicates there are Aliens living in Saturn.  Stanley and the space team dont know more about the aliens. Are the friendly or are the  dangerous Stanley has to find that out. Stanley has his machine gun which he is carrying to defend himself in case of an assault by the aliens.

After reaching Saturn, Stanely moves in his hovercraft to reach out to aliens and know more about the planet his hovercraft is equipped with all the facilities and direct communication to the space centre in earth. After seeing the alien Stanley tries to communicate with them. Both the Aliens Abbott and Costello got a frightened and surprised after seeing Stanley, Stanley also got surprised after seeing the aliens. After some time Stanley came out of his hovercraft and tried to speak with them. Thanks to the universal language they could exchange communication between them. Thanks to this space odyssey we now know more about Saturn and its inhabitants.

If I had wrote the same story when I was a child I would have written there was a fight between Stanley and the Aliens but now the the child in me see no enmity. we can co-live in this beautiful universe created by the supreme power.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Serene Stay at Trident Bhubaneswar

Scenic. Serene. Sublime. That's what Odisha is a state filled with temples, beautiful beaches and numerous national parks. So when we planned for Odisha during winter. We decided to stay at Bhubaneswar. Surprisingly unlike other capital towns Bhubaneswar not had a big list of 5 star hotels, on the other hand just one. It was Trident Bhubaneswar. The booking was smooth and easy thanks to makemytrip. Our expectation was a decent hotel with comfortable stay along with a lot of sightseeing. Honestly we were planning more on the outing aspect at various temples, monuments rather than the stay.

Our journey started with a very positive start. When we arrived at Biju Patnaik international airport, we were surprised to see the development in and around the airport. Biju Patnaik international airport is one of the beautiful airport recently developed by Airport  Authority of India. Our hotel Trident was 20 minutes from the Biju Patnaik international airport and situated in a peaceful corner of the city. When we reached at the hotels we were surprised with the oasis of luxury, set amidst landscaped gardens and fruit orchards

The Restaurant was a great place to dine with great food and architecture all around. The Konark wheels have been designed so well that give the ambience so class and elegance. The spread had variety . From the omlettes to bakery products everything was spot on here. The staff were very much cordial and friendly to make our dining experience better.

One of the high point of the food at Chandni Restaurant, Trident was the authentic Odia cuisines. Odia non veg foods are one of most underrated food in India. I found this cuisine tasty as well as healthy. Trident promised the fresh catch from the Bay of Bengal or crabs and lobsters from the famous Chilika Lake. and honestly it was as fresh as one can imagined the low spice in Odia cuisines with the fresh catch from the Chilika made it a stumptuous meal. The desert was the famous Roshogolla and Chhena Poda. 

After the delicious food it comes to digestion. TRident is full of amenities for that. If one want to unwind at the pool the pool is more than welcoming. the fitness centre had almost all the facility of a modern jym. But the 900 metre jogging track meandering through the fruit orchards was my choice to rejuvenate and refresh my mind. The leisurely stroll in the jogging track is a moment to cherish.

Overall, The Trident, Bhubaneswar gave us a great time, we enjoyed the stay, the food and the hospitality. It was a Scenic. Serene. Sublime Holiday destination for us.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Big B Tweet on Vodafone & Response of JIO and RCOM Free connection

On 31st Jan 2017 Amitabh Bachchan tweeted that he is having some issue with Vodafone connection
Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan  


Immediately R Jio replied that they are ready to serve with a new connection along with hasslefree activation.
Reliance Jio ‏@reliancejio

@SrBachchan Sir, we would be happy to deliver a Jio SIM to you & activate it instantly through our Aadhaar based eKYC home delivery process.

Then came the Vodafone reply from Roshan
Vodafone India ‏@VodafoneIN  16h

@SrBachchan We understand how frustrating this is. Rest assured that our team is already looking into this. - Roshan

After some time The complaint was resolved. And Big B tweeted the following.

Amitabh Bachchan ‏@SrBachchan  

Surprisingly the next day Reliance Mobile owned by Anil Ambani Tweeted that They have delivered a new 4G SIM to Big B. and also took a pun at the Vodafone's Pug with hashtag #PUGPUG

Reliance Mobile ‏@RelianceMobile  2h2 hours ago

@SrBachchan A #Reliance4G SIM has just been delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy the seamless speed & connectivity. #PugPug aapke saath hamesha

Now We are guessing which connection he is using Vodafone ?Reliance Jio ? Or Reliance communication.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Love Of warmth moments

There are many moment in my life which are ''Magic of warmth moment'' but one such special moment which is very close to my heart is from the love of my life i.e. my very loving and caring husband.

On our second marriage anniversary my husband gifted me one smartphone which was very costly. Most important was not the cost but the the love with which he brought this beautiful gift for me as he don't believe in giving gift on special occasions rather making that moment special by celebrating those moments in different and memorable way. After one month of my anniversary, when I was returning from the office and I was about to board a train then my husband called me and i took out the phone from my bag and told him that after boarding the train I will call him, then I put my phone in my bag. After boarding the train I went to take out the phone for calling him, at that time I realized that my phone was stolen from my bag. That time I got so panicked of thinking about how my husband will be reacting on this. Suddenly tears roll down from my eyes and my heart was beating fast. I got numb at that time. Nothing was coming to my mind except only one thought that how I am going to get back my phone so that I will not hurt my husband. I was continuously crying then suddenly one lady co-passenger asked me what happened to me then I told her about the incident and she gave her phone to me to call on my number. I called one my number and it came switched off then I got down from train at next station and rushed to the railway police station. After reaching there when I told about the incident they told me that I have to go to the same station where my phone was last seen and there I have to lodge the complaint. Again I board another train back to that station. Meanwhile, when all these things were happening I was just fearing about how I am going to tell about the incident to my husband, so I was fearing about calling him but when I got late to reach home he called me and when my phone came switched off he got so worried about me. After reaching the station where I started my journey, I went to the railway police station, there they asked me to submit all the details of the phone like the bill and IMEI no. which I had at my home, so I had to call my husband. When I called him, the first question he asked to me was where I am. I responded him that I am at railway police station and I started crying without saying a word further. Then he got worried and asked me if everything is alright or not. I told him how my phone got stolen and then he console me and told me that he will be reaching there by half an hour.

When finally I saw my husband I thought that he will be so angry on me but he rushed towards me and hugged me tightly and told me that he is so happy that nothing has happened to me. He told how worried he got when he was calling me and my phone came switched off. He told me that phone doesn't matter him in comparision to me. When he said all these things I got so relieved. This was the life's Magic of warmth moment in my life.  

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Friday, November 11, 2016

DEAR ZINDAGI - Wish to live in the present without worrying and expectation.

DEAR ZINDAGI - Wish to live in the present without worrying and expectation.

I would like to write a letter to DEAR ZINDAGI on two things they are Expectation and Living life in the present without worrying.

Mandy Hale, the famous writer in her book, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass wrote 

“Dance. Smile. Giggle. Marvel. TRUST. HOPE. LOVE. WISH. BELIEVE. Most of all, enjoy every moment of the journey, and appreciate where you are at this moment instead of always focusing on how far you have to go.”

We always dreamt and worry about what we dont have. Instead of living life in the present and enjoying every moment we focus on the future. there is 

there is a beautiful song by DORIS DAY - Enjoy Yourself , It's Later Than You Think. It has some beautiful lyrics that emphasizes on living and enjoying your life in stead of worrying  about the weather or about becoming a millionaire or  which are as follows 

Enjoy yourself while you're still in the pink

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself
It's later than you think.

You work and work for years and years

You're always on the go
Never take a minute off
To busy makin' dough
Some day, you say, you'll have your fun
When you're a millionaire
Imagine all the fun you'll have
In your old rockin' chair

You worry when the weather's cold

You worry when it's hot
You worry when you're doing well
You worry when you're not
It's worry worry all the time
You don't know how to laugh
They'll think of something funny when
They write your epitaph

You work and work for years and years

You're always on the go
Never take a minute off
To busy makin' dough
Some day, you say, you'll have your fun
When you're a millionaire
Imagine all the fun you'll have
In your old rockin' chair

Enjoy yourself it's later than you think

Enjoy yourself while you're still in the pink
The years go by as quickly as a wink
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy yourself
It's later than you think.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy yourself it's later than you think

Alexander Pope once said “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”  In life we expect from everyone from our spouse, from our parents, from our office/boss from the friends even the 4th seat in the packed local from 3 strangers. But when we do not get it from them we get disappointed, disheartened. This disappointment take away the beauty and charm from the present

I will try not to worry about what I dont have and expectations from other rather focus on living the life in the present and enjoying the moments with love, kindness, humbleness & happiness. And try to remember Van Morrison's famous song which read as My mama says, There will be days like this.


For everything in life.

Love You Zindagi

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The World Smart City Awards at FIRA Barcelona. Spain.

The World Smart City Awards at FIRA Barcelona. Spain.

This year a new category has been introduced, which is INNOVATIVE GLOBAL SOUTH AWARD FINALISTS,
The new award this year looks at innovative ideas that address pressing global challenges located in the Global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America).

Two of India's cities are in the INNOVATIVE GLOBAL SOUTH AWARD FINALISTS They are Bhubaneswar from Odisha and Chennai from Tamilnadu.

The six finalists are

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. Bhubaneswar- INDIA
MicroClinic Technologies. Nairobi- KENYA
Transparencia Mexicana. Mexico City - MEXICO
Kabadiwalla Connect. Chennai – INDIA
Socièté d'aménagement Zenata (SAZ). Mohammedia – MOROCCO
VM9. Nova Friburgo - BRAZIL

Smart City Bhubaneswar: Achieving Social Equity through New Urbanism in Action

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. Bhubaneswar- INDIA
Bhubaneswar's Smart City proposal focuses on developing a model for achieving social equity by placing children at the center of its transformation building upon the New Urban Agenda's three-legged approach- local fiscal systems, urban planning, and basic services and infrastructure.

Kabadiwalla Connect. Chennai – INDIA

Kabadiwalla Connect is an award winning urban waste management solutions provider in Chennai, India. Through technology, we leverage the circuits of the existing informal waste ecosystem to help send less recyclable waste to the landfill.

Also in  CITY AWARD category Pune city from Maharashtra is in the finalist. Thiscategory is Awarding Cities that demonstrate strategies, initiatives and policies that are established and have been developed for their citizens.

Reimagining Puneto become India's most livable city

Pune Municipal Corporation. Pune – INDIA

Detailed city profile of Pune and largest ever citizen engagement in India formed the basis of the proposal. Pan city solutions were developedfor maximum impact and local area solutions were designed for replicability. Puneranked 2nd in India's Smart Cities Challenge to winfunding of Rs. 1000 crs.

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