Saturday, August 17, 2013

prices of onions and humour pictures.

The current spiralling prices of onions has created some quirky images in various social media,, like twitter, facebook.

Now a kilogram of Onion is costing around Rs.80 in almost most of the markets. 
From rs.35 to it moved to Rs.40 then Rs.50 then Rs. 60 and now at Rs.80. some traders are saying Onion price can move upto Rs. 100.


Just see it, here the onion is being assumed as the precious stone of a ring.

In the above image onion is given as a gift while proposing. You can see the quirky side and humour in this image very well. The expression is quite great

The next image depicts the suffering by common man in a humorous way. 

also see some other quite images/pictures depicting Onion kaise rulata hai.

The above image show how today onion, beer and petrol are available at approximately same price close to Rs.75.

Amul has also created its outdoor campaign in this theme of Onion Price. Here a housewive claims that Hum bhookh mita sakte hai, Pyaaz nehin. Amul No tears Only Taste.
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JOTD 6. (collection of jokes)

Qualified MBA Marketing Student  married a girl.
After 1 year of tough life with her, finally he got angry
& Sent a note to his  father-in-law:

"Your Product is Not According To My Requirements"
The smart Father-in-Law replied:
1 year Warranty expired. Company is not responsible.
Ek Ladka-Ladki Hotel Me Gaye...

Waiter:- Kya Loge.. ??

Ladki:- Sabziyoo Waali Roti..:))

Waiter:- What ??

Ladka:- Gaon Ki Hai,
PIZZA Maang Rahi Hai

Santa : Tu Mirror Ke Saamne Baith kar Padhta kyun Hai...???
Banta : Is K 3 Faide Hai...

1. Sath Mein Revison Ho Jata Hai...

2. Khud Pe Nazar Rehti Hai...

3. Padhne Ke Liye Company Mil Jati Hai...'
Girl:Nice mobile,
Where did u buy?

Boy:I won dis in a running race

Girl:How many persons participated?

"Vicky donor has proved

paisa kamaana to

daayen haath ka khel hai."
Ek newspaper me chhapa ki...
"50% ladkiya bewkoof hoti hai".
Is baat par ladkiyo ne khub halla machaya.

Fir next day jab ye chapa k"50%
ladkiya bewoof nahi hoti".
Tab jakar ladkiya shant hui

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Most stupid questions people ask in obvious situations...

Most stupid questions people usually ask
in obvious situations.. and brilliant answer to them

1.When you set alone crying. 

Your friend : are you crying ? 
Me : No I just make Tears juice you have to taste it?

2.When they see me with shorter hair:
hey Have u had a haircut?
Me: Nah! Its autumn. my hair's shedding.!

3.When someone call's on land-line and asks
where are you ?
Me: I'm in market with telephone around
my neck...!!!

4.When i get woken up at midnight by a
call: sorry! Were you sleeping?
Me: Na! I was doing research on
monkeys in Africa marry or not. You
thought i was sleeping,you stupid fool ?

5.Getting out of the toilet,
Somebody: have you finished?
Me: nah, I'm just taking a 5-minute break!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

JOTD 5 (Joke of the day 5)

Attitude Of MBA Student !!!

Student At Exam !

SIR: "Kuch Kiya Bhi Hai Ya Aise Hi Aa

STUDENT: Sir Breakfast Kar ke Aaya Hun
Aur Aap?

Man says to Hotel Manager :Hey, hurry come fast, my wife
is going to jump out of the window and commit suicide!

Manager : But what can i do sir???

Man : Idiot, give me the keys..the window is locked!
Solid Insult
Ek bacha park mai bench pe betha or
1 k bad 1 toffee kha rha tha.
Pas bethi 1 Aurat boli:Jo zada metha khane wale jaldi mar jatay hai.
Boy: ap ko malum hay meri dadi ki age 106 saal thi.
Aurat: wo metha kam khati hongi.
Boy: nahi...!!!!Wo apny kaam se kaam rakhti thi
Santa Girlfriend ko ghar le gaya.

Sab darwaze Khidkiyan Band kardi...

Light off kar ke Uske pass aaya
Aur bola:...

Ye Dekho meri watch me light jalti hai
Maa beti se: Beti doodh ka glass pee lo
Beti:No mama mujhe nai peena.
Maa: Beti agar doodh nahi piyogi to badi kaise hogi?
Beti: maa apko bhi toh doodh pasand
nahi, phir bhi aap badi ho gai hain
Main bhi nahi piyungi to badi ho jaungi.
Maa: Achi bachiyan zid nahi karti,

Agar meri achi beti ho
to doodh pee lo warna mei tum se khafa ho jaungi.

Beti: OK mama,.
aap kehti hain toh mein doodh pee leti hoon . .

Aur is tarah us ki beti ne doodh pee liya..

Msg end tak kitnay gaur se padha hai
ki kab non veg start hoga.. bus karo
darindo.. Shravan chalu hogaya hai!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Savdhaan India 2 episode on 06.08.2013. (Just a thought.)

Just a thought.

I just watched the Savdhaan India 2 episode on 06.08.2013.

I observe just some dumb things.

The newly wed bride never complained or intimated to her family about any of the incidents.
And after knowing the illegitimate relationship between his husband and his sister -in-law she tried to go out without informing her family and as a result their in-law kept her captive.

whenever the girls parent called her they talked with their son-in-law, and never asked their son-in -law to talk wid their daughter when she return back.

And the dumbest thing. Lallaji the husband tries to harm the bride in front of the police.

The episode will be remembered the way Lallaji and his Bhabiji has acted and also the Bahu was superb in acting.
Overall good direction. Superb acting by the artists and presentation by Sushant Singh is just awesome.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

JOTD 4 Joke of the day 4

Ek murgi ne INDIA-CHINA border par anda diya
Dono desh ek ande ke liye ladne lage
Aakhir Faisla ye hua ki.

Jo desh dusre desh ki jyada ladkiyo ko kiss
karega.Anda uska..

Indian CHINA gaye or.

20,000 ladkiyo ko kiss kiya..

CHINA wale excited ho ke:- ab hamari baari..

Indian:- chal yaar anda Tu hi rakh le
Girl : What are you doing ?
Boy : killing mosquitoes

Girl : how many did you kill ?
Boy : total 5 ( 3 female 2 male )
Girl : how did you know that? !!

Boy : 3 sitting near mirror & 2 near beer
Banta To Santa: Bahar Kyon Baitha Hai ?

Santa: Marriage Anniversary Hai
Wife Ko Chain Gift Diya Tha

Wife Ne Bahar Nikal Diya

Banta: Kyon? .

Chain Chandi Ki Laya Kya ?

Santa: Nahi Cycle Ki
Brilliant Answers by a Student who got 0% Marks..

Q.1- In which battle did Tipu Sultan Died ?..
Ans.- In his Last Battle..

Q.2- Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed ?..
Ans.- At the Bottom of the Page..

Q.3- What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?..
Ans.- Marriage..👪

Q.4- Ganga Flows in which State ?..
Ans.- Liquid State..

Q.5- When was Mahatma Gandhi Born ?..
Ans.- On His Birthday ..

Q.6- How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes🍋 among 6 People ?..
Ans.- By Preparing Mango Shake..
Husband is just like split AC , sounds more in outside but inside house silent

Friday, August 2, 2013

Milkman story.

A milkman who is dying in the hospital is surrounded his two sons, daughter and his wife and nurse.

Says to his eldest son:
- To you, John, I leave the Beverly houses.

- To you,  my dear daughter, I leave the apartments in the Los Angeles Plaza.

- To you, Charlie, being my youngest son with a large future, I leave the City Center offices.

- And you, my dear wife, the three residential buildings towers in downtown.

The nurse, impressed, tells his wife: Madam, your husband is very rich. He is bequeathing many properties! You all are so lucky!!

And the wife retorts:

Rich??? Lucky??? Are you kidding me!!!?? Those are his routes where he delivers milk !!!
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