Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Most stupid questions people ask in obvious situations...

Most stupid questions people usually ask
in obvious situations.. and brilliant answer to them

1.When you set alone crying. 

Your friend : are you crying ? 
Me : No I just make Tears juice you have to taste it?

2.When they see me with shorter hair:
hey Have u had a haircut?
Me: Nah! Its autumn. my hair's shedding.!

3.When someone call's on land-line and asks
where are you ?
Me: I'm in market with telephone around
my neck...!!!

4.When i get woken up at midnight by a
call: sorry! Were you sleeping?
Me: Na! I was doing research on
monkeys in Africa marry or not. You
thought i was sleeping,you stupid fool ?

5.Getting out of the toilet,
Somebody: have you finished?
Me: nah, I'm just taking a 5-minute break!

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