Saturday, August 17, 2013

prices of onions and humour pictures.

The current spiralling prices of onions has created some quirky images in various social media,, like twitter, facebook.

Now a kilogram of Onion is costing around Rs.80 in almost most of the markets. 
From rs.35 to it moved to Rs.40 then Rs.50 then Rs. 60 and now at Rs.80. some traders are saying Onion price can move upto Rs. 100.


Just see it, here the onion is being assumed as the precious stone of a ring.

In the above image onion is given as a gift while proposing. You can see the quirky side and humour in this image very well. The expression is quite great

The next image depicts the suffering by common man in a humorous way. 

also see some other quite images/pictures depicting Onion kaise rulata hai.

The above image show how today onion, beer and petrol are available at approximately same price close to Rs.75.

Amul has also created its outdoor campaign in this theme of Onion Price. Here a housewive claims that Hum bhookh mita sakte hai, Pyaaz nehin. Amul No tears Only Taste.
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