Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SniiffSniff The Investigator

When the #SniiffSniff activity started I was anxious to know what the product is. Since the activity was open to only male bloggers so some cheecky angles were also in the card. When I first got the mail which said check whether someone is around you, I was a little more surprised. Is it some male contraceptive or some other product. When I applied and selected for the activity My anxiety grew too much. I thought that I will receive a product which is going to be launched in the market. I kept my fingers crossed for the products to arrive.

One day while I was in office I got a call that a parcel from Blogadda has been delivered at my home. I was so excited to open the parcel and when the parcel was opened I saw a wooden clip and a picture of a man’s nose. This clip was pinned on the nose. This basically meant to close your nose or rather block it from breathing him the odour. The message was clear clips are for clothes not our noses. The product is coming to save us from the bad smell.

The next day I received another parcel with a beautiful aromatic coffee beans packed in a small sack. It was beautiful. When I tried to find the meaning of this coffee beans, I thought is it the flavour in the new neo/perfume ? But how come everyone like the coffee smell, I was again confused like my first day of the activity.

The final day I received a mask to cover my nose the bad smells. Which urges us to  use the mask to avoid the unpleasant smells in our surrounding. But how come we can use it everytime ? In train/, In office in front of a smelly boss ? Sounds impossible. There has to be a way for this, cant there be a simpler solution.

These 3 clues were enough to hint at something. From these 3 products I guessed it must be a perfume/deodorant which is coming to the town.

but when the final product arrived, it was awesome. It was Nivea Body deodorizerThe fragrance was really fresh and cool. The product was launched by dashing Arjun Rampal at Four Seasons , Worli Mumbai.  Although it was a rainy day in Mumbai Many brave bloggers came for the occasion where Nivea Body Deo Deodorizer was launched in a grand way.

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff atBlogAdda

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dad- My SuperHero

On the great occasion of this Father's Day I want to say thanks to my Dad for lot many things. Father plays a very important role in one's life. Whatever I am today all because of my parents specially because of my father. Fathers are very strict but from inside they are very soft and loving. They act strict so that we should not go to some wrong path and get spoiled. Mother loves us and care for us but all our needs are fulfilled by our father. They not only support us financially but also emotionally. He is considered as head of the family and this holds very true because without his guidance and support a family cannot grow.
My mother told me that on one instance when I was about one year old I got severe throat infection which lead to fever and I was not able to eat anything and used to cry day and night. At that time my parents used to have sleepless night. On one night when I was crying a lot but my mother was so tired that she didn't even got up and hold me and my father then got up and took me into his lap and whole night he pat me and took me into his arm and was walking in our courtyard. I slept in his arm the whole night and he was awake the whole night whereas he was having a very important assignment in his office next day. So its true that mother are very caring but at some instance father are more caring than our moms.

I have a very common problem of throat infection which leads to cold and cough. I remember the days when in night I couldn't sleep because of my sore throat and block nose, and every night my dad used to visit our (me and my brother) room in the night after we go to sleep. So when he senses that its getting hard for me to inhale because of my block nose he used to rub Vicks vaporub on my chest which give relief to my block nose and make me sleep easily.

I've had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.
 Bartrand Hubbard

This is a quotatio which is very true in my case. After my graduation when because of some financial issues I was not in favour to pursue my M.B.A. but my father sensed the hitches in me and then he tried to convinced me not to stop from pursuing my masters. He assured me about overcoming all the financial difficulties and finally I am now working with a reputed organization. This all was possible because of my dad’s support.

There are various such instances in my life which makes me feel like hugging my dad.

I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Disaster to Fantastic

We love to celebrate our achievement with our family and friends. But if we start to celebrate each and every achievement and function in a restaurant/resort/party hall there will be a big dent to our monthly budget. So arranging parties in our home seems a logical solution.But how confident are we in Inviting our friends and colleagues to our house. Since we are living in suburbs of Mumbai and our house is located near to a canal which carries sewage water and sometimes generally in rainy days it smells like hell. Sometimes we don't feel like staying at our place because of the bad odour.

One day on the occasion of my promotion I had invited all my colleagues at my home. Everyone was smiling, enjoying their drinks and snacks, dancing but all of sudden when wind starts to blowing our house filled with a very bad odour which brought very uneasiness on everyone's face. All of sudden the environment changed from happiness to not exactly sadness but to a very unpleasant environment. The rooms were filled with a very bad smell like rotten eggs or something bad like that. No one was smiling now and no one was enjoying the party at all. For 5 to 10 minutes complete silence was there. People were making unpleasant faces. Everyone started asking what this is all about. My wife then started spraying room freshner which helped us to avoid that peculiar smell . After the smell was gone everyone started asking about the bad smell, then me and my wife explained everyone about the smell coming from sewage near our house. The room freshner worked for only 10-15 minutes then again the bad smell started filling up our house. Finally we had to close our windows to avoid the bad smell. Then one of my colleague suggested us for ambipure room freshner which stays for a longer period and fill the house with all the happiness by maintaining the ambiance with pleasant smell.

Gone are the days when house filled with all the pleasant smell of different flowers blooming nearby our house in our garden. Now in today's world everyone is cutting down trees and plants to build there house and because of space constraint we cannot even think about having a garden area where we can do plantation. More we destroy our nature we are polluting our environment and filling our lungs with all the polutants. Our nose are also addicted to all these bad and unpleasant smells around us. We have forgot the smell of all the beautiful things that comes from nature. Our life is full of bad odour which causes unpleasant environment to stay in.
Cleanliness can become one of the solution to avoid bad odour. But cleanliness is required not only in our house but everywhere to have clean environment which will ultimately contribute in avoiding bad smell. For me a good smell bring happiness and love whereas a bad odour brings sadness and dullness in our life. So to avoid sadness and dullness in our life, we should stay clean and plant more and more trees and plants in our surroundings.

For me it is always the bad odour 

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

Monday, June 15, 2015

Make your Life Happening with Song & Dance

In our busy life sometimes we are so messed up with our work that we just missed how to live life. Even sometimes our group outings are so monotonous even the outings which are supposed to be exciting and full of energy. I remember The month of February 2015 when we went to Alibaug for a office party on a weekend.Our booking were at a resort and we choosed to take the ferry from Gateway of India. Our One hour fifteen minutes journey in the ferry was about seeing the ships and Tajmahal Hotel and Gateway of India. But somehow we were in the official working mode. It was a dull journey with some good scenery. After reaching our reasorts we were tired and dull as hell, after the customary drinks and refreshment we assemble at the lobby. Some of us thought if this is a outing for refreshment and rejuvenation ? Than we discussed for the days proceeding whether to go to a beach, or stay at the resorts ? Play some game or have our beer ? Our discussion was going nowhere !!! And finally we decided to have our lunch.  After our lunch my friend stuck upon a poster at the hotel lobby. It was an event Nariyal Paani which was all about music and dance. The combination of beach with music and dance kind of created a sensation in our mind. In our mind we all decided to enjoy the evening. It cheered us up and we enjoyed the evening to the fullest. There were some great music and dance to make us live, laugh and enjoy. I guess sometimes music and dance do the wonder. It refreshes our senses and let us live life as it should be.
Image source
Now coming to the present time you must be knowing these two persons definitely. One is a singing sensation with a penchant for style and another is an actor whose expression and looks are just killer. Although you cant understand the language he is speaking, but his powerful acting will leave a impression on you.

I watched a movie in my college days, It was a Telugu movie and I dont understand a single word of Telugu except Chepu (speak) but the movie was so powerful I watched it several times. The movie was Arya and the Actor was the Superstar Allu Arjun who happen to be a great dancer, In films like Arya 2 he has left a mark. 
Google search
I am sure you all must be listening to the "Bezubaan Phir Se" from the film  ABCD 2 staring Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor. Dont you dance to its tune ? This amazing mesmerizing song is sung by non other than Anushka Manchanda.
Just imagine when Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice come together what will happen ? It will be pure pleasure to the senses, the ears n eyes. Also I am sure one cant stop to rhyme with Anushka and tap to the moves along with Arjun. I am really looking forward to such an wonderful event. And I wish in our Outings they were with us. 

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Nose Knows It.

While travelling in Mumbai Locals its very common to experience the stuff related to bad odour, where basically everyone's body odour put everyone off the other person, besides there is the Bandra drainage and Mahim stations early morning smell which ‘My Nose Knows’ very very well.

 But some incidents are hard to forget where you are at the losing end.
One such incident happened to me, It was Summer at its best and the scorching heat can only be experienced not described.And this was the date at my to be in-laws who have finally agreed to meet us after one  and half year of persuasion. The event is kind of interview for both of us where my side take interview of her and her side take interview of mine. Since the place belongs to her, I have an away-match disadvantage. The summer heat, plus nervousness of the interview results in sweat, sweat n more sweat. No matter the amount of talcolm powder I applied or the deo I sprayed all were draining in the sweat.
After the exchange of pleasantries it was interview time for her. As the home side she had the advantage of bringing the cold-drinks and foods to impress the panel of judge, besides a sweeter voice, cuter look and gorgeous dress. Her interview went really well and now my side have gave her the joining letter. And when my turn came my sweat has been transformed to an Odour which again can be experienced, not described, there is not any trace of the deo which attract all the hot gals around myself. It was horrible, I guess they have the Nose which could have smelled my body odour and you can imagine what kind of impression they have on me who is going to be their son-in-law ? The discussion started from the line it is too hot outside, isn't It ? We tried to blame the body odour on the heat, but somehow inside I was cursing my Deo, I wish I had a deo who had a lasting fragrance instead which attracts the girls towards me. But the other questions went off well and My In-laws also selected me. It was a day to remember for both of us and our family minus the body-odour.

This is my small #SniffSniff story where I was at the receiving end.

Most of my male friends will vouch that, Most of The Deodorant ad has a common objective and result. "The girl will run towards you after applying the deo" Isnt it ?
But how many of you have encountered this, has this ever happen to you ? I have never been lucky, I guess none of you are also ?

So basically when i received the #SniffSniff packet I was surprised that at least an upcoming brand is giving importance on Giving the Nose a refreshing day not attracting the gorgeous models in the beach/lift/mall.

“I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.”

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Movies The Ox-Bow Incident

Recently i have started to watch some of the old classic movies.

My First is The Ox-Bow Incident, The Director is William A. Wellman

The film has star cast of Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews, Mary Beth Hughes 

This film on mob rule was a pet project of both star Henry Fonda and director William Wellman After a hard winter on the range, cowboys Gil Carter (Fonda) and Art Croft (Harry Morgan) ride into a fleabitten small town for a drink. Within minutes, they get mixed up in a barroom brawl, which earns them the animosity of the locals. By and by, word reaches town that a local rancher has been killed by rustlers. With the sheriff out of town, a lynch mob is formed under the leadership of Major Tetley (Frank Conroy), a former Confederate officer who hopes to recapture past glories. Worried that they'll be strung up, Carter and Croft reluctantly join the mob and head out of town. In the dark of night, the group comes across three sleeping transients: a farmer named Martin (Dana Andrews), a Mexican (Anthony Quinn), and a senile old man (Francis Ford). The fact that Martin carries no bill of sale written by the so-called murder victim is evidence enough for Tetley to demand that the three men be hanged on the spot. Carter knows that this is a gross miscarriage of justice, but he's helpless to intervene. Resolving himself to his fate, Martin gives Carter a letter to deliver to his wife. The three unfortunates die at the end of the rope, and the mob rides off, only to discover that there never was a murder of any kind. Based on a novel by Walter Van Tilburg Clark, The Ox-Bow Incident is not so much a western as a gothic melodrama, with deep, looming shadows and atmospheric underlighting worthy of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. 

The ending is as simple and powerful it can be. the ending is just the opposite of the starting where they return with something to give with something in mind. Even the dog which crossed their path in the starting went the other way.

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