Monday, June 8, 2015

Nose Knows It.

While travelling in Mumbai Locals its very common to experience the stuff related to bad odour, where basically everyone's body odour put everyone off the other person, besides there is the Bandra drainage and Mahim stations early morning smell which ‘My Nose Knows’ very very well.

 But some incidents are hard to forget where you are at the losing end.
One such incident happened to me, It was Summer at its best and the scorching heat can only be experienced not described.And this was the date at my to be in-laws who have finally agreed to meet us after one  and half year of persuasion. The event is kind of interview for both of us where my side take interview of her and her side take interview of mine. Since the place belongs to her, I have an away-match disadvantage. The summer heat, plus nervousness of the interview results in sweat, sweat n more sweat. No matter the amount of talcolm powder I applied or the deo I sprayed all were draining in the sweat.
After the exchange of pleasantries it was interview time for her. As the home side she had the advantage of bringing the cold-drinks and foods to impress the panel of judge, besides a sweeter voice, cuter look and gorgeous dress. Her interview went really well and now my side have gave her the joining letter. And when my turn came my sweat has been transformed to an Odour which again can be experienced, not described, there is not any trace of the deo which attract all the hot gals around myself. It was horrible, I guess they have the Nose which could have smelled my body odour and you can imagine what kind of impression they have on me who is going to be their son-in-law ? The discussion started from the line it is too hot outside, isn't It ? We tried to blame the body odour on the heat, but somehow inside I was cursing my Deo, I wish I had a deo who had a lasting fragrance instead which attracts the girls towards me. But the other questions went off well and My In-laws also selected me. It was a day to remember for both of us and our family minus the body-odour.

This is my small #SniffSniff story where I was at the receiving end.

Most of my male friends will vouch that, Most of The Deodorant ad has a common objective and result. "The girl will run towards you after applying the deo" Isnt it ?
But how many of you have encountered this, has this ever happen to you ? I have never been lucky, I guess none of you are also ?

So basically when i received the #SniffSniff packet I was surprised that at least an upcoming brand is giving importance on Giving the Nose a refreshing day not attracting the gorgeous models in the beach/lift/mall.

“I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.”

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