Sunday, June 21, 2015

Disaster to Fantastic

We love to celebrate our achievement with our family and friends. But if we start to celebrate each and every achievement and function in a restaurant/resort/party hall there will be a big dent to our monthly budget. So arranging parties in our home seems a logical solution.But how confident are we in Inviting our friends and colleagues to our house. Since we are living in suburbs of Mumbai and our house is located near to a canal which carries sewage water and sometimes generally in rainy days it smells like hell. Sometimes we don't feel like staying at our place because of the bad odour.

One day on the occasion of my promotion I had invited all my colleagues at my home. Everyone was smiling, enjoying their drinks and snacks, dancing but all of sudden when wind starts to blowing our house filled with a very bad odour which brought very uneasiness on everyone's face. All of sudden the environment changed from happiness to not exactly sadness but to a very unpleasant environment. The rooms were filled with a very bad smell like rotten eggs or something bad like that. No one was smiling now and no one was enjoying the party at all. For 5 to 10 minutes complete silence was there. People were making unpleasant faces. Everyone started asking what this is all about. My wife then started spraying room freshner which helped us to avoid that peculiar smell . After the smell was gone everyone started asking about the bad smell, then me and my wife explained everyone about the smell coming from sewage near our house. The room freshner worked for only 10-15 minutes then again the bad smell started filling up our house. Finally we had to close our windows to avoid the bad smell. Then one of my colleague suggested us for ambipure room freshner which stays for a longer period and fill the house with all the happiness by maintaining the ambiance with pleasant smell.

Gone are the days when house filled with all the pleasant smell of different flowers blooming nearby our house in our garden. Now in today's world everyone is cutting down trees and plants to build there house and because of space constraint we cannot even think about having a garden area where we can do plantation. More we destroy our nature we are polluting our environment and filling our lungs with all the polutants. Our nose are also addicted to all these bad and unpleasant smells around us. We have forgot the smell of all the beautiful things that comes from nature. Our life is full of bad odour which causes unpleasant environment to stay in.
Cleanliness can become one of the solution to avoid bad odour. But cleanliness is required not only in our house but everywhere to have clean environment which will ultimately contribute in avoiding bad smell. For me a good smell bring happiness and love whereas a bad odour brings sadness and dullness in our life. So to avoid sadness and dullness in our life, we should stay clean and plant more and more trees and plants in our surroundings.

For me it is always the bad odour 

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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