Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SniiffSniff The Investigator

When the #SniiffSniff activity started I was anxious to know what the product is. Since the activity was open to only male bloggers so some cheecky angles were also in the card. When I first got the mail which said check whether someone is around you, I was a little more surprised. Is it some male contraceptive or some other product. When I applied and selected for the activity My anxiety grew too much. I thought that I will receive a product which is going to be launched in the market. I kept my fingers crossed for the products to arrive.

One day while I was in office I got a call that a parcel from Blogadda has been delivered at my home. I was so excited to open the parcel and when the parcel was opened I saw a wooden clip and a picture of a man’s nose. This clip was pinned on the nose. This basically meant to close your nose or rather block it from breathing him the odour. The message was clear clips are for clothes not our noses. The product is coming to save us from the bad smell.

The next day I received another parcel with a beautiful aromatic coffee beans packed in a small sack. It was beautiful. When I tried to find the meaning of this coffee beans, I thought is it the flavour in the new neo/perfume ? But how come everyone like the coffee smell, I was again confused like my first day of the activity.

The final day I received a mask to cover my nose the bad smells. Which urges us to  use the mask to avoid the unpleasant smells in our surrounding. But how come we can use it everytime ? In train/, In office in front of a smelly boss ? Sounds impossible. There has to be a way for this, cant there be a simpler solution.

These 3 clues were enough to hint at something. From these 3 products I guessed it must be a perfume/deodorant which is coming to the town.

but when the final product arrived, it was awesome. It was Nivea Body deodorizerThe fragrance was really fresh and cool. The product was launched by dashing Arjun Rampal at Four Seasons , Worli Mumbai.  Although it was a rainy day in Mumbai Many brave bloggers came for the occasion where Nivea Body Deo Deodorizer was launched in a grand way.

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff atBlogAdda

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