Thursday, September 24, 2015

#SachchiAdvice For a better me.

#SachchiAdvice that changed my life would be choosing my higher education after my disastrous 12th exam. I fared very badly in my 12th Exam with Science PCM as my subject. I didnot wanted to choose Science for my 12th but due to the pressure for becoming an engineer forced me to choose this. I was poor in Physics. i managed to pass with about 55%. With that percentage it was hard to get admission into a good college.

So I was looking into that  #SachchiAdvice from anyone. But most of them reminded my failures rather than suggesting any true advice which will help me for choosing my next course of action. My parents advised me to try hard and try for JEE and other exams but this was not my choice. Finally that  #SachchiAdvice came from my cousin brother who was a Company Secretary at that time. he suggested me to go for Bachelor in Commerce and after commerce he suggested I can either choose Chartered Accountancy or MBA depending upon my choice for subjects in graduation.
Unlike other who show me my failures first he understood what was the reason for the low score, what is my choice, what is my strength ? My aspirations my strength, my weakness. And after assessing all those aspect he suggested me the above advice. I believe this is how any advice should be seek and given. Most of the times there is a plain vanilla advice for every complex requirement be it seeking career guidance or seeking a financial products or choosing an life insurance or asking for an avenue for investment.

In case of my educational advice I took that  #SachchiAdvice from my cousin brother and it really helped in  shaping my career.

In seeking an advise be it any field we must look for that  #SachchiAdvice. Where the advise is meant for the betterment of us.

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