Friday, May 27, 2016

#LaundryGoesOddEven In My Family

When a city in order to curb pollution devise new and effective methods should not family sort out the issues by taking a cue from the #ODDEVEN theme ?

Putting the previous line into perspective, The city is Delhi. In order to face the air pollution as well as mindboggling traffic the city administration has devised Odd Even strategy where there will be odd numberplate vehicles run on odd days and on even day the vehicles with even number plate will run. there are some terms and condition for needy and emergency situations. Like the city facing pollution and traffic issues most of the household are facing issue in the cosmopolitan era where both husband and wife are working but the household chores are always perceived a women's job.

Exactly the same question was asked by Ariel and the answer is 3/4 of surveyed male opined that Household chores are womens job, The man's task is to earn.

Ariel's solution to the problem is simple #LaundryGoesOddEven

So in the 21st century when women are doing joining and succeeding in workforces is it right ? Women are staying out of home like most men do. If not working they are managing home better than any MBA can do. 

So being a man, the time has come to support our spouse with #LaundryGoesOddEven

We also implemented the same in our home. To be honest it was a great fun filled week. Generally I help my wife in preparing foods but still she is very much occupied in other work like cleaning, arranging and keeping the home in a lively shape.
My first day at washing machine was a learning experience, I put all the clothes in the tub, but my wife instructed first to sort the dresses according to colour or category like jeans, bedsheets etc. then the washing machine has several programmes for different type of wash. Till date I thought one has to put the clothes and detergent in washing machine and it is cleaned and semi dried. But the whole process of cleaning was a learning and on our Sunday it was 20-80 effort. 20% from my side.

I tried to balance my poor performance by preparing some light dinner for both of us the next day because I came home earlier and prepared a simple Paneer burji. She made some Rotis after coming from office and appreciated my effort.

My next effort on washing the clothes was 4 days later on an Friday evening. I tried to use my learning and I think I was able to clean the clothes. ( Or was it Ariel ?) some small effort from my side made the week so beautiful and there was a lot of time for each other. I will definitely continue with this and not only #LaundryGoesOddEven but also other household chores will be for both of us.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

Friday, May 20, 2016

#SoftestForBabySkin Whats your choice Cost or comfort ?

I got the Pampers Premium care pants and pampers active baby diapers for a friends son courtesy Blogadda as part of #SoftestForBabySkin Activity.

The second pack contained

Pampers Premium Care Pants.

price Rs. 450.

No. Of diapers- 16

this was ultra soft and real dry, if your little one is going outside for a outing, this premium care pants is a good choice. So these two premium products although seems a little expensive for day to day use, but these two premium products are really good when it come to functionality. I can share from my experience that it lived upto the premium expectation.

#SoftestForBabySkin Whats your choice price or comfort ?

Although I am not a dad yet I got the Pampers Premium care pants and pampers active baby diapers for a friends son courtesy Blogadda as part of #SoftestForBabySkin Activity.

The product I applied for reviewing is  Pampers premium care pants. (XL- 12+kg) for my friends one year old Son.

When I got the parcel it was huge, my first thought was someone from my family have ordered something big from one of e-commerce portal. But when I opened the parcel I was surprised to see two big pack of Pampers premium Care pants and diapers. Honestly I was expecting just one or two diapers for reviewing. So it was really nice to gift to my friend.

before writing the review about the two set of diapers and pants let me tell the price of the diapers.

1st pack was Pampers Active Baby diapers.

Price: Rs.380

No of diapers: 16

So at more than Rs. 20 it was on the expensive side of the diaper market, but the product lived upto its price and expectation. The diaper was very smooth. The little one spend the day without any irritation thanks to the soft diaper.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dove Let's break the rules of beauty #RealBeauty.

Dove has started its new campaign  #RealBeauty.

The theme of the advertisement is Let's break the rules of beauty. The advertisement is directed by Pan Nalin
the diverse beauty of Indian women has been showcased beautifully in this advertisement. The voice over is brilliantly written, In a country with more than 60 crore women how there can be one face of beauty !!!

The ad is superb with some great shots and music. personally I like the ad the visuals and the great music. But social media seems to dislike the ad on the ground of HUL's hypocrisy. On one product HUL is asking women to break the rule of beauty on the other hand it is selling product like Fair & Lovely and asking Indian women to be fair to grow in life. These contradicting campaign from HUL brands making some negative comments in social media.
some comments by users in the youtube

Says the company which screwed up the definition of beauty among Indians just to sell one dream through 'Fair and Lovely'

hypocrites , shut up

hello are all please go ahead and buy our shitty products like fair & lovely.... hypocrites!!

The ad appeals to Join the conversation with #RealBeauty.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Odisha Dancer in 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

In &TV there is a new dance reality show 'So You Think You Can Dance'.  The show is being hosted by Rithvik Dhanjani and Mouni Roy.So You Think You Can Dance is on air with the judges the dancing diva Madhuri Dixit, and choreographer Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis. This show is an adaptation of  the show So You Think You Can Dance franchise.

Till date in most of the reality dance shows dancers from Odisha have dominated the winner list. Be it India's got talent where the prince dance group won the competition also the heart of the millions of Indians with their superb performance and group synchronization. In DID there have been winners from Odisha.

This time there are two finalist in this new dance reality show So You Think You Can Dance'. They are Odisha's Roza Rana and Arundhati Garnaik have been selected in 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

Roza Rana from Rourkela Odisha.

Arundhati Garnaik From Bhubaneswar Odisha

Do vote for them and make them winners

Friday, May 6, 2016

#YummyMummy In the Modern times.

In this competitive age everyone is taking extra caution for being in shape. Both man and woman. Thats why we are seeing large number of people joining jym, doing yoga classes, or the latest trend Zumba dance. But one phase in life comes in a womans life when all these have no meaning or impact. That is one of the most beautiful phase in a couples life. It is beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime for the mother to be. Although everyone says the couple are going to have the baby, but he women in particular has to do most of the labor (literally). This whole  journey bring new and unexpected changes to the women's body, routine, lifestyle etc.
Now with changing society norms, family is supporting the women in this journey, the company or organization supports the female employee by allowing work from home, giving maternity leave etc. But there is one aspect which is related to the pregnancy that is physiological. They are appearance of scars, stretch marks in the female body. The stretch marks after pregnancy arises because of  hormonal changes, fat loss in the abdomen after delivery, less elastic skin and so on. One can see fine lines developing around the areas where fats have accumulated, usually in the stomach, chest, belly bottom and thighs.

So the working women in particular or those working in the showbiz industry or fashion industry are in a dilemma whether to go for pregnancy in their early career. Will it have an impact on their career ? In most case they delay the pregnancy as much as possible. In one of the top model’s interview I have read that she was really nervous about her career post pregnancy.
In an interview to a tabloid she said
"I'm still thinking and hoping, 'Have the baby, get my figure back, go back to work'. But maybe it's different when it happens,"
But now looking at the various complication in pregnancy doctors and leading gynecologists suggesting that there should not be undue delay in getting pregnant. And regarding scares and stretch marks there is solution in the form of Bio-oil. io‑Oil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. I think and believe that these new developments will help in expectant and future mothers to live life queen size there should not be any worry about those trivial stretch marks. The journey should be pleasant and enjoying, because you are going to bring an little angel to this beautiful earth.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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