Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dove Let's break the rules of beauty #RealBeauty.

Dove has started its new campaign  #RealBeauty.

The theme of the advertisement is Let's break the rules of beauty. The advertisement is directed by Pan Nalin
the diverse beauty of Indian women has been showcased beautifully in this advertisement. The voice over is brilliantly written, In a country with more than 60 crore women how there can be one face of beauty !!!

The ad is superb with some great shots and music. personally I like the ad the visuals and the great music. But social media seems to dislike the ad on the ground of HUL's hypocrisy. On one product HUL is asking women to break the rule of beauty on the other hand it is selling product like Fair & Lovely and asking Indian women to be fair to grow in life. These contradicting campaign from HUL brands making some negative comments in social media.
some comments by users in the youtube

Says the company which screwed up the definition of beauty among Indians just to sell one dream through 'Fair and Lovely'

hypocrites , shut up

hello women...you are all beautiful....now please go ahead and buy our shitty products like fair & lovely.... hypocrites!!

The ad appeals to Join the conversation with #RealBeauty.

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