Friday, May 20, 2016

#SoftestForBabySkin Whats your choice price or comfort ?

Although I am not a dad yet I got the Pampers Premium care pants and pampers active baby diapers for a friends son courtesy Blogadda as part of #SoftestForBabySkin Activity.

The product I applied for reviewing is  Pampers premium care pants. (XL- 12+kg) for my friends one year old Son.

When I got the parcel it was huge, my first thought was someone from my family have ordered something big from one of e-commerce portal. But when I opened the parcel I was surprised to see two big pack of Pampers premium Care pants and diapers. Honestly I was expecting just one or two diapers for reviewing. So it was really nice to gift to my friend.

before writing the review about the two set of diapers and pants let me tell the price of the diapers.

1st pack was Pampers Active Baby diapers.

Price: Rs.380

No of diapers: 16

So at more than Rs. 20 it was on the expensive side of the diaper market, but the product lived upto its price and expectation. The diaper was very smooth. The little one spend the day without any irritation thanks to the soft diaper.

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