Monday, June 15, 2015

Make your Life Happening with Song & Dance

In our busy life sometimes we are so messed up with our work that we just missed how to live life. Even sometimes our group outings are so monotonous even the outings which are supposed to be exciting and full of energy. I remember The month of February 2015 when we went to Alibaug for a office party on a weekend.Our booking were at a resort and we choosed to take the ferry from Gateway of India. Our One hour fifteen minutes journey in the ferry was about seeing the ships and Tajmahal Hotel and Gateway of India. But somehow we were in the official working mode. It was a dull journey with some good scenery. After reaching our reasorts we were tired and dull as hell, after the customary drinks and refreshment we assemble at the lobby. Some of us thought if this is a outing for refreshment and rejuvenation ? Than we discussed for the days proceeding whether to go to a beach, or stay at the resorts ? Play some game or have our beer ? Our discussion was going nowhere !!! And finally we decided to have our lunch.  After our lunch my friend stuck upon a poster at the hotel lobby. It was an event Nariyal Paani which was all about music and dance. The combination of beach with music and dance kind of created a sensation in our mind. In our mind we all decided to enjoy the evening. It cheered us up and we enjoyed the evening to the fullest. There were some great music and dance to make us live, laugh and enjoy. I guess sometimes music and dance do the wonder. It refreshes our senses and let us live life as it should be.
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Now coming to the present time you must be knowing these two persons definitely. One is a singing sensation with a penchant for style and another is an actor whose expression and looks are just killer. Although you cant understand the language he is speaking, but his powerful acting will leave a impression on you.

I watched a movie in my college days, It was a Telugu movie and I dont understand a single word of Telugu except Chepu (speak) but the movie was so powerful I watched it several times. The movie was Arya and the Actor was the Superstar Allu Arjun who happen to be a great dancer, In films like Arya 2 he has left a mark. 
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I am sure you all must be listening to the "Bezubaan Phir Se" from the film  ABCD 2 staring Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor. Dont you dance to its tune ? This amazing mesmerizing song is sung by non other than Anushka Manchanda.
Just imagine when Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice come together what will happen ? It will be pure pleasure to the senses, the ears n eyes. Also I am sure one cant stop to rhyme with Anushka and tap to the moves along with Arjun. I am really looking forward to such an wonderful event. And I wish in our Outings they were with us. 

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