Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stanley's Space Voyage

 I have read it somewhere "There is a little bit of children in all of us" thats why we still love to play games, have some mischiefs in life. Whenever we are at the beach  we see that not only the kids but also the grown ups are also making sand castles, playing all sort of games. 
So when I received the new packs from Colgate the child in me made all sort of childhood fantasy games which we used to play with those fictional characters, some inspired from cartoons, some inspired from the comics book we read. This time the colgate packs have the characters like astronauts, space, aliens, space hovercrafts and the planets. Being a movie buff the recent movies like The Martian, Arrival (2016) Apollo 13, the packs was a great way to create my own space fiction. The characters were all inspired from various films.

My First story had two characters Stanley the Hero and Alien.

Stanley From the film  The Mask

Aliens (Abbott and Costello) from the film Arrival

The characters are basically  comical like Stanley which has been played b the great Jim Carrey in the film Mask and the aliens are from the recent oscar nominated film Arrival. The two aliens in the film has been named as Abbott and Costello the great stand up comedian.

Our hero of the story Stanley goes on a space adventure with his favourite spacecraft apollo 113 along with his hovercraft to a distant Saturn planet. Till date this is the biggest space mission by man. the early report indicates there are Aliens living in Saturn.  Stanley and the space team dont know more about the aliens. Are the friendly or are the  dangerous Stanley has to find that out. Stanley has his machine gun which he is carrying to defend himself in case of an assault by the aliens.

After reaching Saturn, Stanely moves in his hovercraft to reach out to aliens and know more about the planet his hovercraft is equipped with all the facilities and direct communication to the space centre in earth. After seeing the alien Stanley tries to communicate with them. Both the Aliens Abbott and Costello got a frightened and surprised after seeing Stanley, Stanley also got surprised after seeing the aliens. After some time Stanley came out of his hovercraft and tried to speak with them. Thanks to the universal language they could exchange communication between them. Thanks to this space odyssey we now know more about Saturn and its inhabitants.

If I had wrote the same story when I was a child I would have written there was a fight between Stanley and the Aliens but now the the child in me see no enmity. we can co-live in this beautiful universe created by the supreme power.

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