Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The World Smart City Awards at FIRA Barcelona. Spain.

The World Smart City Awards at FIRA Barcelona. Spain.

This year a new category has been introduced, which is INNOVATIVE GLOBAL SOUTH AWARD FINALISTS,
The new award this year looks at innovative ideas that address pressing global challenges located in the Global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America).

Two of India's cities are in the INNOVATIVE GLOBAL SOUTH AWARD FINALISTS They are Bhubaneswar from Odisha and Chennai from Tamilnadu.

The six finalists are

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. Bhubaneswar- INDIA
MicroClinic Technologies. Nairobi- KENYA
Transparencia Mexicana. Mexico City - MEXICO
Kabadiwalla Connect. Chennai – INDIA
Socièté d'aménagement Zenata (SAZ). Mohammedia – MOROCCO
VM9. Nova Friburgo - BRAZIL

Smart City Bhubaneswar: Achieving Social Equity through New Urbanism in Action

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. Bhubaneswar- INDIA
Bhubaneswar's Smart City proposal focuses on developing a model for achieving social equity by placing children at the center of its transformation building upon the New Urban Agenda's three-legged approach- local fiscal systems, urban planning, and basic services and infrastructure.

Kabadiwalla Connect. Chennai – INDIA

Kabadiwalla Connect is an award winning urban waste management solutions provider in Chennai, India. Through technology, we leverage the circuits of the existing informal waste ecosystem to help send less recyclable waste to the landfill.

Also in  CITY AWARD category Pune city from Maharashtra is in the finalist. Thiscategory is Awarding Cities that demonstrate strategies, initiatives and policies that are established and have been developed for their citizens.

Reimagining Puneto become India's most livable city

Pune Municipal Corporation. Pune – INDIA

Detailed city profile of Pune and largest ever citizen engagement in India formed the basis of the proposal. Pan city solutions were developedfor maximum impact and local area solutions were designed for replicability. Puneranked 2nd in India's Smart Cities Challenge to winfunding of Rs. 1000 crs.

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