Sunday, January 29, 2017

Love Of warmth moments

There are many moment in my life which are ''Magic of warmth moment'' but one such special moment which is very close to my heart is from the love of my life i.e. my very loving and caring husband.

On our second marriage anniversary my husband gifted me one smartphone which was very costly. Most important was not the cost but the the love with which he brought this beautiful gift for me as he don't believe in giving gift on special occasions rather making that moment special by celebrating those moments in different and memorable way. After one month of my anniversary, when I was returning from the office and I was about to board a train then my husband called me and i took out the phone from my bag and told him that after boarding the train I will call him, then I put my phone in my bag. After boarding the train I went to take out the phone for calling him, at that time I realized that my phone was stolen from my bag. That time I got so panicked of thinking about how my husband will be reacting on this. Suddenly tears roll down from my eyes and my heart was beating fast. I got numb at that time. Nothing was coming to my mind except only one thought that how I am going to get back my phone so that I will not hurt my husband. I was continuously crying then suddenly one lady co-passenger asked me what happened to me then I told her about the incident and she gave her phone to me to call on my number. I called one my number and it came switched off then I got down from train at next station and rushed to the railway police station. After reaching there when I told about the incident they told me that I have to go to the same station where my phone was last seen and there I have to lodge the complaint. Again I board another train back to that station. Meanwhile, when all these things were happening I was just fearing about how I am going to tell about the incident to my husband, so I was fearing about calling him but when I got late to reach home he called me and when my phone came switched off he got so worried about me. After reaching the station where I started my journey, I went to the railway police station, there they asked me to submit all the details of the phone like the bill and IMEI no. which I had at my home, so I had to call my husband. When I called him, the first question he asked to me was where I am. I responded him that I am at railway police station and I started crying without saying a word further. Then he got worried and asked me if everything is alright or not. I told him how my phone got stolen and then he console me and told me that he will be reaching there by half an hour.

When finally I saw my husband I thought that he will be so angry on me but he rushed towards me and hugged me tightly and told me that he is so happy that nothing has happened to me. He told how worried he got when he was calling me and my phone came switched off. He told me that phone doesn't matter him in comparision to me. When he said all these things I got so relieved. This was the life's Magic of warmth moment in my life.  

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