Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mumbai Local: Untold Facts.

1. Mumbai Local Train : Where a person thinks he won battle..... If he gets a window seat in local...
2. You should be the bravest man on earth to catch a Virar train to Borivali during peak hours
3. When we (Mumbaikars) are late for college/ office, whatever reason maybe, we always blame local trains for delay.
4. No space still, people while boarding the train say "arey andar chalo!Pura train  khali hai bhai, poora train khali hai..."
5. Getting in an empty-ish bogie of a Mumbai train during peak hours and asking, " Yeh First class hai kya bhai?"
6. That awesome moment when in local trains you don’t have to move towards the exit, you are simply pushed towards it by the crowd!
7. We don't believe that the train is gonna arrive until the time indicator displays "01 mins remaining".
8. When we are in a fully packed train, we always feel like sitting. But, when the train is vacant, we stand at the door!
9. In Mumbai suburb there is a invisible station between Borivali and Kandivali known as “Thambevali”
10. Nobody remains “UNTOUCHED" once u enter Churchgate fast local....
11. You act Dead If Someone asks for your seat in “MUMBAI LOCAL”
12. No matter how thin or fat are the three persons already sitting… someone ­ still occupies the 4th seat in local...
13. In every local train Journey u will find at least 1 person asking “ arre yeh platform kis taraf aayega??”
14. The announcement “Agla Station Andheri” puts everyone in the train in ‘Ready to Fight’ mode!
15. If Borivali passenger enters in Virar Train.......... ­then its Inexcusable Crime!!
16. Only Mumbai local travelers know what is “Video Coach”... It means the first class ladies coach attached to gents compartment with a square cut in between..
17. You have the following set of Friends like: School Friends, College friends, Building friends, Office friends and yes, Train friends, a species unique only in Mumbai
18.Train Timings (7.15, 7.42, 8.31,8.56, 9.01, 9.10, 9.25, 10.16) are really important events of life

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