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Belgadia is located in a small town Baripada of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha
its pin number is 757001
It is also the Ward Number 1 of Baripada Municipality.

It is also known as Belagadia/ Belgodia.

This ward is famous for its Galapulo and picturesque beauty. galapulo is the entry point to Belgadia Sahi. It was made in the British Era by the king of Mayurbhanj. The meaning of GalaPulo is a the bridge under. This is made of LateriteStone which is known as Mankada Pathara. You have to see it to believe it.

Chipat river  is just flowing to the westside of it. The Panitanki  (watertank) made of steel of British era made a nostalgic feeling. (currently it is not there dismanteled) Now only the concrete water tank is there. Even the pumphouse which supply water to Baripada is beautiful. You will feel like a resort here.

Belgadia has so many temples also. They are

1. Panchanano Temple Of Lord Shiva
2. Durga Temple Of Goddess Durga
3. Hanuman Temple Of Lord Hanuman
4. Siddheswar Temple of Lord Shiva
5. Gramo Devoti of various deities
6. Sai Temple Of Lord Saibaba.
7. Maa Tarini Temple of Goddess Tarini.

Besides Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Biswakarma Puja is celebrated by local clubs and the local offices in a grand way. Especially Biswakarma Puja by the PHED people draws a lot of crowd due to their water show. They generously distributes prasad during Biswakarma Puja.

Swadhin Club Of Belgadia's youth also celebrate Ganesh Puja & Saraswati Puja in a grand way.

The Fire Station is a landmark for Belgadia. It is the main commercial activity centre of Belgadia with so many shops for your various needs.

                           BELGADIA PALACE during Maharaja. Krushna Chandra. BhanjDeo.
                                                       BELAGADI PALACE INSIDE

                            "Dinning Hall of Maharaja Krushna Chandra Bhanj Deo "

Azad Club has been started by the youth of Belgadia and has its club and a volleyball field near Belgadia. This club has been produced some of the best volleyball players for Mayurbhanj district & Mayurbhanj Police. It has also won so many volleyball tournaments in Odisha and outside Odisha. 

  • Latitude
  • :21.9498
  • Longitude
  • :86.675

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