Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Twitter Contest in India – The Real Picture

Twitter Contest in India – The Real Picture

Now in order to trend a lot of brands are conducting contest in Twitter to promote their hashtag. But what I have observed some people (may be from the digital agency itself ) won the prizes. They tweet about hundred and more tweets in 3-4 hour.  There are a handful of contestants winning in various tweet contest may be a testimony to that.
I would love to share their details, But privacy is a big reason for non-disclosure.
If you see a winners name starting with @cmd....... or @swat....... @imbe.... then chances are that you can guess it right.

Does Brand benefits ? Does the hashtag really helps  ?
The answer is No. If  5 people send 800 tweets mentioning your #tag and another 300 people with 400 #tags.
Your total comes to around 1200 hashtags but those 800 have a very low impact coz it will not reach others through the social media effect.

Now brands have to decide whether they want to give the prize to those 5 or among those 33 who are genuine.

But I have seen some contest where quality tweets are considered not the 5 odd people who only participate to win for the prizes.

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