Friday, April 8, 2016

Teaching the Next Generation Ctrl + S

The world and mother nature is changing very rapidly due to various man made developments.

But the million dollar question is " What kind of World would we Leave the Next Generation ?"

If we see the current news Rising temperatures and increasing sea levels is at alarming level. Every other day we are setting a new record for Hottest day in decade, century etc. Some of the island are submerging under water for the rising sea level due to melting of glaciers. While in school we read that there are six seasons
Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre Winter, Winter and in true sense feeling the same in that order. But now a days in most part of our country there is an erratic change of season. The irregular and untimely season is creating a lot of damages to lives and crops. The large scale earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought, tornadoes are becoming order of the nature.

Mother Nature is giving the signal through these large scale earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought, tornadoes that something is wrong with the way things are going. What went wrong ? I believe the greed in human made the nature to react like this. For the sake of development we are exploiting nature without thinking about consequences.
So should we leave the scenario as it is and allowing the mother nature to do the correction in due time with higher level of calamity or should we take any action in this regard ? The current political-economic scenario in the world will not allow to reduce the pace of industrialization rather it will increase it. It should come from the general public and the next generation. As a responsible citizen and human being it is our responsibility to educate and impart the knowledge of importance of Mother nature to the Young generation. As rightly said we have to teach the Ctrl + S (save) to them. The younger generation with their huge numbers may play a great role for a sustainable world. The younger generation now believes in doing the thing rather than talking. Its encouraging to see that school childrens are having various discussions on mother nature and how to preserve it. They are doing plantation drives in school, home open spaces. If we can teach them to avoid products which are being produced by those corporates who exploit nature without contributing for sustaining it, it will push the corporate to undertake some responsibility to preserve the mother nature. It is also good to see that celebrities, sportsperson and Indian Cinema is also contributing to this awareness concept through various means. 
Films like Shortcut Safaari are being made for awareness among the children. The film Shortcut safari is being directed by Amitabha Singh and stars Jimmy Shergill & Manmeet Singh.

“I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for theShortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.”

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