Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sania Mirza- Sanjay Manjrekar tweet and the troll.

Twitter is increasingly becoming a hater's paradise and trollers heaven (especially in India). I would not be surprises if very soon most of the brands as well as celebrities, sportsperson, thinkers etc.

Just see a sample tweet e.g.

Here you can see that Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza tweeted that 

Today I complete 80 consecutive weeks as the number 1 player in d world👆its been an amazing journey and just inspires me to work harder

Just to correct him ex-cricketer and commentator corrected that No. 1 doubles player
No 1 doubles player you mean. Congrats!

Seems like a genuine reply/correction and and a wish.
But the trollers had a fun day see these tweets
Do you always need to nitpick?
old habits die hard.... the most irritating person on TV. Sudhar ja bhai mere

this is typical Konkani खवचटपणा. 😂 आवडलंय. congrats.

boring as his commentary.... he always wanted to be but end up becoming an average commentator..

medicore cricketer, medicore commentator, medicore tweet....

And there were many more, from his commentary to cricketing skill to regionalism the trollers started trolling him for all the reason. Recently Pritish Nandy also in his article wrote how Twitter is having a slow death.

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