Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Uber moves Shalini and Dharam (Pros & Cons)

Uber has started its new campaign on the theme, Uber moves Shalini and Dharam.

Like most of the mother Shalini's mother also looking for a suitable match for her. While commuting through UBERPool She is showing in various options which Shalini is rejecting. and Dharam has also booked the pool to whom Shalini's mother is asking various questions and his visiting card. 
When Dharam's destination arrives he says instead of you if Shalini calls me it would be better...and the advertisements ends with a beautiful smile.

Life is full of surprises - and you never know who you'll meet next! On your next uberPOOL ride - you could bump into your next boss, your next investor, or even your new best friend.

But In the youtube video there is a comment which reads as What if Dharam turns out to be a stalker and troubles Shalini's life instead? :D

And another comment reads as Agar agle 2 ride me meri girlfriend nahi bani to uber driver aur uber ki *** *****.

Although the ad honestly tries to capitalise on the strangers and surprises but there are some nasty surprises also.

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