Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moral lesson by Professor : Life and Coffee

Group of ex students visited their University Professor.
Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in life.
Offering them coffee, Prof returned from kitchen with a pot of coffee in different cups: Porcelain, Glass, Crystal, some plain looking, some expensive.
When all had a cup of coffee in hand.

Professor said:

If U noticed all d expensive cups were taken up first, leaving d plain ones. It is normal for U to want only d Best. But that is also d source of Ur stress.

What U really wanted was Coffee, NOT Cup, But U all still went for d Best Cups & were eyeing each other's Cups!

If Life Is Coffee, then Jobs, Money & Status in Society are d Cups.

They are just tools to hold & contain life.

Don't let d Cups drive you.
Enjoy D Coffee.!!

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