Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dont keep yourself stuck in just one page explore the whole book like Vijayan.

When I first read the story of Mr. VIJAYAN and his wife at my first reaction was "Really ?"

How many of us are pursuing our dream with that passion ? We always give excuses to not pursue that dream. For understanding this please read about Mr. Vijayan at

This tea stall owner from Kerala has probably seen more countries than most of us have. Vijayan and his wife have made it their life's mission to visit as many countries as possible in one life. Considering that their small tea stall is their sole source of income, they take heavy loans from banks to fulfill their passion and put in twice the hours of work to gradually pay it all back. Without caring much for luxury, they chase the experience of travelling the world in whatever form. They've even sold tea in Zurich when they didn't have enough money fly back to India. Vijayan and his wife are the ideal example of how driven and passionate a dream can keep you. Vijayan has visited countries like Britain, France, Austria, Egypt, UAE, United States of America and the list goes on

So how you find the story and #willofsteel of Vijayan !!! When I compared it with my life and my passion for dream I found Vijayan has a stronger heart which is perhaps made of steel. In life we always defer that much-needed break and put other things in priority like purchasing some gadget or some items for home, thinking that it will give us pleasure. But in the process we just forget to relax and unwind which is required to refresh, replenish our senses.

Vijayan and his wife’s story is an eye-opener for us who give 'no money' as an excuse for not travelling. He proves that if you have a dream than no matter how big or how small it is you can achieve it with your dedication and will of steel.

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There are really some great stories with will of steel, please have a look at the amazing stories and vote for the person you like. But “I’m voting for Vijayan’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Hopefully after reading this inspiring stories You will plan that long delayed trip and pack your bags. As Saint Augustine has said "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." So dont keep yourself stuck in just one page explore the whole book like Vijayan did and keep on exploring.

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