Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pepsi in Jungle #CrashThePepsiIPL

Guys check this cool Pepsi microsite where Advertisements created by enthusiasts for #CrashThePepsiIPL are displayed.

which ads are your favourites, which ones surprised you, which could have been made better, an actor in the ad that you liked. You can even make a list of the funniest, cutest and most intelligent ads. Blog about which ads you added to your ‘Hitlist’ and why.

I just saw all the ads made by the Pepsi fans, and let me tell you they are amazing. There are a lot of creativity on various themes. I just made an hitlist on the theme of Guys in Jungle/natures and Pepsi.

The first ad in this category which I loved is crash the pepsi ipl- "Tribal cricket" Uploaded by SATISH PALACHOLLA
Here satish has shown that A group of tribal people playing a cricket match and in the last ball of the match the team needs 6 run of the last ball and an old man comes to bat. The bowler laughs at the old man but the Tribal old man hits the winning six after taking Pepsi, the ad is really nice with great music.

Another ad in this theme is Crash the Pepsi IPL - "Beyond Language" Uploaded by Brajesh Singh
In this ad Brajesh has shown that there is no language barrier when it comes to Pepsi, even the tribals can understand the language of Pepsi and thirst. When a group of trekkers lost their water and they encounter with tribals. How the tribals understand the girls thirst and offered Pepsi is the theme of the ad with "Beyond language"

You can watch it at

In this category there is another ad, Crash the Pepsi IPL – "Jhingalala" Uploaded by Yogesh Negi
Yogesh has shown how a guy has been stuck in the jungle and surrounded by Tribals and how Pepsi saved his life.

The last ad on this theme is Crash the Pepsi IPL - Young Wild & Free Uploaded by Amit Bhalla

Amit has shown that a guy who has been ditched by girlfriend/fiancee, given pink-slip by the boss, forced out of the move takes solace in the Jungle with his Pepsi, with the theme Live Young wild and free.

There are also a lot of cool ads. watch them and also give your opinion regarding which one you liked the most amongst these 4.

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