Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Listening to Heart for Relaxing and Learning

After the hectic month of year-end march, Exhausted is just an understatement. Most of you who works in corporates must be feeling how it is. One has no time to properly eat, think, giving time to family forget an vacation. This month generally fills with Targets, achievements, KPAs SKU, Next year target so on so forth. Sometimes to achieve the goal set by our boss or sometimes by us we just stop listening to our Dil. How many times we just stopped to enjoy an icecream without thinking about the timing of the train to catch. How about exploring a different part of the city. How about roaming in the road just to look at various aspects of the place. 
So after the financial year ends, the new targets, the new year the new urge to achieve the new target takes us in. In the whole process we just forget to listening our heart. Same happened with me, when I planned for a vacation the boss always there to convince that I can take it later. Or on the pretext that someone else is on leave. Or the fear that I will not be able to meet the target. Or last resort You are doing exceedingly well, You could achieve a lot in your career. You can even plan them later on. You guys must have a list too.
One fine day I thought, let me listen to my heart, just plan it. Thankfully India now have a good number of e-commerce sites which help you to make it easier, Be it booking your tickets or booking the hotel. So on a fine Monday afternoon, in the office I booked the tickets for Goa and booked the hotel for 3N/4D, starting from Saturday. I just have 4 days for all the preparation. Boss after knowing that I am going on leave gave the work which a superhuman can do in the remaining days. In Goa without the sunglasses the shorts, and those cool dresses you will feel strange, but I didn't have the time to go and buy from store. That's where Snapdeal India's leading e-commerce portal comes to the rescue, with a variety of options and a price which is unmatched brings joy to our hearts. And with its timely delivery you are assured to follow your heart. In my case I got my ordered shipment in 2 days i.e. Wednesday. It was an wonderful 4 days in Goa and great way to relax with lot of joy and fun. The sunset at beaches is a view to cherish. After the short vacation it was a great feeling and I pat on back myself for listening to my Dil and follow it without thinking about what my boss preaches. And its high time to Listen to your dil and do what it says, for deals there is Snapdeal for us. 

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