Sunday, March 20, 2016

Holi And Memories.

Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of joy.
It is the time to love and forgive.
It is the time expresses the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colors.

But during our childhood Holi was the festival of mad mad colours. At that time there was two kind of Holi. 1st where exam is over and we can enjoy holi to the fullest, and the 2nd where exams are coming in few days and there were lots of dont's laid by our parents. Now let me elaborate both types of Holi from the perspective of a child.

The 1st  fun filled with no Restrictions.
 We used to plan well in advance for Holi. Buying gulaal (color powder) packets, pichkari  (spray guns). There were friends who are eager to play Holi and for the rest we have to break the door to force them play Holi, No excuse for not playing Holi by any  of our friends will be accepted. We discuss with our group from the previous days where we will start, how to convince with trick to call our unwilling friends to play Holi. After all our friends it’s a color riot. We play with all our heart with everyone, any misunderstanding with friends are clarified on that that and from that day friendship back on track as usual. After our Holi is over we go to each of the friends house for the Holi Snack. Sometimes the color is so much so that our parents were unable to recognize us and don’t allow us to let us in our own house. But the day of Holi and its memories stays in our mind.

The 2nd with restrictions
I guess no one would be interested in reading this. To be honest just the thought of not playing Holi makes me cry. And in 90s the final exams were mainly during month of March and  April. And if Holi comes before exams our parents laid down number of terms and conditions to allow us to play Holi.
T&C like Playing Holi for Only for 1 hour don’t play with hard colour have to be obeyed.
But after start of playing Holi we plea to extend it for another hour and reluctantly Parents agrees with the condition that we have to read extra on the evening.
After that Holi special snacks makes our day complete.

All the Holi’s fun bring its true color (literally) when we have to remove the colors from our face and body. The Gulaal’s are easy to remove but other like barnish colors and black colors are very hard to remove.  We help ourselves with shampoo, soap and the loofah to remove the colors. But all these makes our hair and skin very dry. In the evening we apply Coconut oil to give life to our hair.

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