Saturday, March 5, 2016

Memories Stays Forever.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. 
Jim Valvano

I can definitely say that about my papa. He has been  believing me at every point in life and continue to do so. There are some memories which stays forever in the mind, and we cherish it.

In life we face so many moments where we doubt ourselves, whether we will be able to do it ? whether we will be able to achieve it ? What if we fail ? In those moments the reassurance and faith plays a very big role.

In my family I am the eldest son, where I am supposed to be the role model for my siblings. Its presumed that they have to learn from me which puts extra responsibility and pressure on the elder. So during my 12 th (SSC) I was not able to perform well in my science subjects. But like every Indian the family pressure was to become and Engineer. But i was very poor in Physics. Some how I was unable to discuss it at home. My fear was that they will think that I am giving excuses. And some how the exams got over and naturally my score was not good. I passed the exam but it was not good enough to get admission in good college. But commerce as a subject was very exciting to me and decided to take commerce for my graduation.
I planned to face my parents and share my views and decision. I was fearing that they will think negative about me and assume as a quitter. But when I described them about my choice for commerce and different career avenues they got very supportive. Papa's encouraging words that he has faith and confidence upon me was really nice. Those moments still brings cheers to me even now. And by God's grace and parents blessings I did good in my Commerce subject even secured a University position in Masters examination.

These word of encouragement, the trust on me, on my ability motivated to achieve more. These words made me determined to give my 100%.. These small gestures turned to be a blessings on my path of achievement. Now there is a great way to capture  these memories and cherish them forever. HDFC Life is giving you an opportunity to create your memory through a video or scrapbook and send to your loved one, so that you can cherish it forever.
My scrap to my dad can be seen at

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