Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Share The Load and Remove the Prejudice

I have been seeing in my house that Most households works like cleaning, laundry, cooking food is done by my mother or sister. It is presumed that any household chore,  is a woman’s job. 
This might have some relevance in a paternal society where the man earns the living by farming or working and women taking care of the home.

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But with changing times, where both man and women are equally educated and in most cases working or doing their own business it does not make sense. from a dominating point of view we should move towards a participating point of view. Like we share our happiness and sorrows we have to share the load be it laundry, cooking or household works. Now a days technology is a great enabler. Previously one can give the the excuse that I don't know it, I don''t know how to do it or I have forgot how to do it. But today there are multiple websites and videos on youtube for Do It Yourself (DIY) tasks. Just google how to use the washing machine there will be a plethora of option with videos, pictorials and manuals to guide you. 
For this we need to have the curiosity as well as sharing the load mentality. If your spouse is late from office why don't surprise her with food which you ave prepared ? Just look for some easy recipe in Youtube and try for once. initially there might be some problem in finding stuff i the kitchen and the ingredients ratio but with time you will be the masterchef of your home,  I am sure with time you will love it as much as your spouse will. Besides think, your wife is returning home after a tiring day at office, and you have made the dinner table ready, these small things makes the bond even stronger.
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For working couples most of the household work like cleaning the house, dusting, rearranging, laundry are kept for Weekends. weekends is same for both you and your wife. It has equal time for both of you, both wants to relax, both wants it to enjoy it. So if one person will do all the household work, it wont be equal weekends for both. You can share the work and will be surprised how quickly it got over. And you both can enjoy the weekends in a better way. 

Now the time has come, dont think what will others think if you do the household work. Just share the load and remove the prejudice prevalent in the society.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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